"Students know how to formulate critical questions and generalize from their findings. They are able to identify the big, essential questions about their learning. They know how to collaborate and cooperate with each other."

– 5th Grade Teacher

About Us

Moon Jellies Fun fact

The jellies featured in the Aquarium are in exhibits specifically made for jellies, which would get sucked into the filtration systems of regular exhibits. (Jellies aren't strong swimmers.)


The Maritime Aquarium inspires people of all ages to appreciate and protect the Long Island Sound ecosystem and the global environment through living exhibits, marine science, and environmental education.


The Maritime Aquarium is the only aquarium focused on Long Island Sound. From this core, it explores related animals and conservation issues from around the world. Its exhibits, admired for their quality and dramatic elegance, are carefully designed to give people of all ages entertaining, educational, and emotional experiences with animals in order to instill a sense of wonder in the diversity of nature.

A constantly evolving facility, The Maritime Aquarium offers visitors personal interactions with animals and interpretation by knowledgeable staff and volunteers. With its welcoming atmosphere, focus on service to visitors, and outstanding amenities, The Maritime Aquarium is the premiere family destination in the region, attracting large numbers of return visitors. As it grows, it retains its intimate scale, and remains a beloved institution with deep ties to its community.

Anchored by its collection, The Maritime Aquarium offers a preeminent visitor experience and education programs widely admired for their depth and innovation. The Maritime Aquarium supports an active collaborative research program on species and natural systems related to its collections. It is a regional forum for dissemination of information related to Long Island Sound and the oceans.

The Maritime Aquarium’s ultimate goal is to help people recognize that Long Island Sound enriches the quality of their lives, and must be protected.


The Maritime Aquarium is guided in its daily life by the following principles:

  • Passion
    • For the animals in our care, for our visitors, for our work, for nature
  • Warmth
    • In our welcoming interactions with visitors
  • Pride
    • In our work, in our service to visitors and the community
  • Respect
    • For our visitors, staff, colleagues, and constituents
  • Integrity
    • In all our dealings with ourselves and others
  • Teamwork
    • To collaboratively reach and execute the best decisions
  • Innovation
    • To solve problems unconstrained by the status quo
  • Excellence
    • In everything we do