"Students know how to formulate critical questions and generalize from their findings. They are able to identify the big, essential questions about their learning. They know how to collaborate and cooperate with each other."

– 5th Grade Teacher

About Us

Moon Jellies Fun fact

The jellies featured in the Aquarium are in exhibits specifically made for jellies, which would get sucked into the filtration systems of regular exhibits. (Jellies aren't strong swimmers.)

The Maritime Aquarium Trustees

Morten Arntzen - Civic Leader

Neil W. Beup - Director, Government Relations, Praxair, Inc.

Robert Bewkes - Civic Leader

Rebecca B. Brown, Esq. - Partner, Shipman & Goodwin

William Burnham - Managing Director, Delta Capital Group, LLC

Sanders Davies - Senior Partner, O’Connor Davies LLP (Co-Vice Chairman)

Clayton Fowler - Chairman, Spinnaker Real Estate Properties

Ann Gilmartin - President, Wings Unlimited, Inc.

Doug Grabe - Civic Leader

Stephen M. Halloran - EVP, Global Innovation and Strategic Operations, Ipreo

Richard Hokin - Managing Director, Century America LLC (Treasurer)

Katharine Hurley - Senior Associate, SpencerStuart

James B. Hurlock - VP Wealth Management, Morgan Stanley

Judith G. Hyers - Sales Vice President, William Ravies Real Estate

Cecilie Jedlicka - Executive Director, The Per and Astrid Heidenreich Family Foundation

Andrew Mais - Deloitte Services, Insurance Industry Group

Dan McLeod - Civic Leader

Kathryn P. Bowler Mitchell  - Civic Leader

Earl Mix - New Canaan Funding

Ian Murray - Co-founder and CEO, Vineyard Vines

David Radulski - Senior VP; Director, Investor Relations, XL Global Services Inc.

The Hon. Harry Rilling  - Mayor, City of Norwalk

Robert L. Rohn - Principal, Sustainable Growth Advisers (Co-Chairman)

Michael Reilly - (Norwalk Seaport Association Representative)

Felix Serrano - (Norwalk Redevelopment Representative)

Michael Sgoutas  - Science Teacher, Fairfield Woods Middle School (TMA Volunteer Representative)

David Sweedler - VP Merchandising, Robert Graham Designs

C. Michael Vaughn - Former CRT (Capitol Group LLC)

Audrey Weil  - President, Weil Family Foundation (Secretary)

Michael L. Widland, Esq. - Shipman & Goodwin, LLP (Co-Chairman)

As of August 2017