We've taken a few educational boat trips over the years but yours was by far the best all-around experience. The highlight had to be the breadth of sea life we pulled up and got a chance to investigate, interact with and, of course, learn about."

– Rockland County, NY, camp director

Kids and Families

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Sand Tiger Shark Fun Fact

Looks closely at the sand tiger sharks in the "Ocean Beyond the Sound" exhibit. Their snout and jaws are covered in tiny holes. These are receptors for the sharks' "sixth sense" – their ability to detect bioelectric fields emitted by other animals (including potential prey).



Some "Events" like animal encounters, Kidologie, Maritime Aquarium Presents, etc. are described on our UPCOMING EVENTS page

Public Programs

NOTE:  The first four programs below require advance registration. Please call (203) 852-0700, ext. 2206, to reserve your spot.  Aquarium admission is included for all registered program participants.

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New!  “A House for Hermit Crab” (ages 3-4)

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Sun, April 26 from 10-10:45 a.m.
Sat., May 9 from 10-10:45 a.m.
Using the popular title story as motivation, children will meet and touch a variety of live crabs and mollusks. They’ll examine how the animals look and feel and classify them according to size, shape, movement styles and other attributes that promote early-childhood science skills. Each child must be accompanied by an adult.
Cost: $25 per child, $20 for members.


New!  Turtle Town (ages 5-7)

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Sat., May 9 from 10-11 a.m.
Budding herpetologists will compare turtles of land and sea to discover how they’re adapted to their different lifestyles. They’ll examine the look and feel of real turtle shells, learn how baby sea turtles get to the ocean and, best of all, meet and touch a live terrapin. (Parents or caregivers do not participate.)
Cost: $25 per child, $20 for members.


New!  Shark Safari! (ages 8-10)

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Sat., May 9 from 1-2:15 p.m.
Young adventurers will start off examining shark jaws, skin and other artifacts, and learn how superb adaptations have allowed sharks to survive for millions of years. They’ll journey to the Aquarium’s Ocean Beyond the Sound exhibit for a close look at the large sand tiger sharks, and then move to the Shark & Ray Touch Pool to get a true feel for sharks and their cousins, the rays.
Cost: $25 per child, $20 for members.


New!  Feeding Time! (program for families)

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Sun., May 31 from 8-10 a.m.
Join The Maritime Aquarium for a family breakfast you’ll always remember! After a sumptuous buffet in the Cascade Café, your family will make the rounds as Aquarium staff feeds an amazing assortment of hungry animals. Take a turn feeding the diamondback terrapins, horseshoe crabs and rays. Get up close and personal with the harbor seals at a private feeding. Best of all, watch behind-the-scenes as the aquarists feed the big sharks in the Aquarium’s Ocean Beyond the Sound exhibit.
Cost: $45 per adult & $25 per child 12 & under; $40 & $20 for members. Children must be age 5 or older.


horseshoe.tag.4webHorseshoe-Crab Tagging (incl. Training Sessions)

We're seeking volunteers this spring to help attach census tags to horseshoe crabs as the crabs come up out of the water to spawn at Calf Pasture Beach. It’s all part of a census of horseshoe crabs in Long Island Sound, being led by Dr. Jennifer Mattei of Sacred Heart University in Fairfield.

Dr. Mattei’s census data is needed because horseshoe crab eggs are an important food source for migrating shorebirds. If the horseshoe crab population declined, that could mean fewer birds on our coastline.

Horseshoe crabs come up onto beaches on the nights of the full and new moons. That’s a tagging bonanza time for researchers, so extra volunteers are needed to help.

To participate, new volunteers must attend one of two training sessions at the Aquarium: at 7 p.m. on either Wed., May 6 or Sun., May 10. Volunteers should be in 10th grade or older. Younger children can assist if working with a parent, teacher or guardian. (If you’ve helped tag crabs before, you don’t have to attend the trainings.)

Volunteers also must be game to be up at dawn or to stay up late for the crab tagging sessions at Calf Pasture in May, June and early July.

To sign up or for more details about the trainings and tagging, call (203) 852-0700, ext. 2304, or e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


Study Cruises on Long Island Sound

Starting in summer 2015 ...  Be among the first to cruise out aboard the new research vessel R/V Spirit of the Sound™ as she begins her life of service with The Maritime Aquarium. Our study cruises offer memorable hands-on explorations of Long Island Sound's marine life: with a variety of animals brought up right onto the boat (May-October 2015) or to look for some of the seals & waterfowl that winter in the Sound (December 2015-April 2016).  

Details ...


PLEASE NOTE:  The programs below may be canceled or substituted with little or no notice. Check our "Today's Events" page at on your smart phone when you arrive.

Shark Dives

Offered most Thursdays, Saturdays & Sundays.
Upcoming Dive Dates:  April 23 & 30
Times: 12:15 & 2:15 p.m.
No dives on April 26.
NOTE: Our Aquarium dive team is an all-volunteer crew. Dives may sometimes be cancelled with short or no notice due to availability. Where possible, they will substitute a "meet the diver" experience.

Would you jump into a tank of water filled with 6- and 7-foot sharks? Actually, it can be done – bloodlessly – because sharks aren't really the aggressive man-eaters of popular myth. Come see for yourself when The Maritime Aquarium's dive team spends some quality time among the sand tiger sharks, lemon shark and other creatures of the 110,000-gallon "Ocean Beyond the Sound" exhibit. Thanks to a cool communication link, you can even talk with the divers while they're in the exhibit with the sharks! They'll tell you that sharks should be respected ... but not feared.

Free with Aquarium admission. Please Note: the audio system that lets you hear the divers talk also carries the sounds of the divers' SCUBA respiration. Some young children may find this loud and unnatural.

See what our volunteer divers see in this video:


Marine Debris Station

11 a.m. - 3 p.m.
May 2 & 3, 16 & 17, 30 & 31 
Stop by the station to learn about the serious issue of marine debris (especially plastic bags and plastic water bottles), take a pledge to do your part to use re-usable water bottles and shopping bags, and then (optional; $5) make a re-usable shopping bag out of our old IMAX® and exhibit banners. 

Water Quality Station

11 a.m. - 3 p.m.
April 25 & 26 and May 9 & 10, 23 & 24
Rain can wash excess fertilizer, dog feces and other pollutants off our lawns. But where does it all end up? Yes, in Long Island Sound. Stop by our Water Quality Station to watch this happen in a tabletop demonstration, and to learn the best place to wash your car and the best way to maintain a healthy lawn and a healthy Sound. Plus, touch a live diamondback terrapin, and purchase a soil testing kit ($1) that will give you an analysis of your lawn from the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station. 


Toy Boat-Making Workshop

11 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturdays & Sundays
Visit the Toy Boat-Making area on weekends for a fun 20-minute boat-building project. Build and decorate a toy sailboat to take home as a special keepsake of your Maritime Aquarium visit. Cost: $5 per child (in addition to Aquarium admission).




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