"We've taken a few educational boat trips over the years but yours was by far the best all-around experience. The highlight had to be the breadth of sea life we pulled up and investigated, interacted with and, of course, learn about."

– Rockland County, NY, camp director

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Sand Tiger Shark Fun Fact

Look closely at the sand tiger sharks in the "Ocean Beyond the Sound" exhibit. Their snout and jaws are covered in tiny holes. These are receptors for the sharks' "sixth sense" – their ability to detect bioelectric fields emitted by other animals (including potential prey).

Educational Programs at The Maritime Aquarium

An exciting and valuable enhancement of your visit!

Preschool-ClassEducational programs conducted at The Maritime Aquarium make learning science – and the scientific process – an exciting adventure.

To see our program offerings, click on Programs by Grade at left, and then click on the grade level of interest.

For Grades 2 and younger, students will feel the joy of learning about the characteristics and needs of living things as they participate in standards-based hands-on experiences with marine animals.

The standards-based programs for Grades 3-8 emphasize student involvement while focusing on the intriguing marine life of Long Island Sound. ed book 17 18 cover

Browse our offerings via the links at left, or view our full 2017-18 Educational Programs catalog by clicking on the brochure cover pictured at right. To download the brochure as a PDF click here.

Connecticut, Next Generation and Common Core standards met by each program are listed under each program's description. Or click on Science Standards at left.

Programs can be tailored to specific needs. For special program needs or help in developing a full-day package, call (203) 852-0700, ext. 2270.