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We've taken a few educational boat trips over the years but yours was by far the best all-around experience. The highlight had to be the breadth of sea life we pulled up and investigated, interacted with and, of course, learn about."
– Rockland County, NY, camp director




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“Grand Canyon Adventure: River at Risk”

Join an exhilarating whitewater rafting trip down the iconic Colorado River with environmentalist Robert F. Kennedy Jr., anthropologist Wade Davis and their daughters. The irony of the film is that, while the immersive IMAX format may leave viewers feeling almost soaked from the experience, it is Earth’s dwindling supply of clean freshwater that is the film’s true serious subject matter. The movie is narrated by Robert Redford and features music by the Dave Matthews Band.

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“Lewis & Clark: Great Journey West”

Relive one of the greatest tales of adventure and exploration in history, as National Geographic brings to life the epic journey of Lewis, Clark, their guide Sacagawea and the brave Corps of Discovery across the land that would become the United States. This spectacular documentary traces the 28-month, 8,000-mile search for a northwest passage. Narrated by actor Jeff Bridges.

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“Shackleton’s Antarctic Adventure”

This film that tells the extraordinary true story of Sir Ernest Shackleton's legendary 1914-1916 expedition that has become a larger-than-life testament to heroism and human endurance, with all 28 men surviving nearly two years in the barren frigid Antarctic when their ship, Endurance, was caught in pack ice and eventually crushed. The film includes the original still photography and 35mm motion-picture footage of Frank Hurley, the official photographer for the Endurance expedition.

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Journey 2.5 miles down in the North Atlantic to the most famous shipwreck in the world. "Titanica" lets audiences join the colorful members of an international scientific expedition down to the wreck of the Titanic. Filmed from the twin deep-sea Russian submersibles that James Cameron later would use for "Titanic," "Titanica" immerses audiences in the adventure as the researchers investigate the ship's deteriorating hull. The film also recounts the building of the great ship (documented in stunning period images) and includes the poignant remembrances of Eva Hart, once a 7-year-old passenger aboard the doomed ship. Narrated by actor Leonard Nimoy.



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