"Grab your children, your grandchildren, your friends, your neighbors. See 'Born to Be Wild.' This is a film made in heaven and one you will never forget."

– retired science supervisor for Norwalk Public Schools

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IMAX Fun Fact

The projector bulb in The Maritime Aquarium's IMAX Theater throws a light so bright that you could see it from the moon!

Amazon Adventure

At 1 p.m. daily Jan. 19 through April 5.

Co-winner of the Giant Screen Cinema Association's 2017 Achievement Awards' top prize: Best Film, Short Subject

Also the winner of GSCA's 2017 awards for:  Best Film for Lifelong Learning, Best Cinematography, Best Sound Design, and Best Original Score!

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This gorgeous new biopic tells the true story of Henry Bates, who risked his life in the perilous Amazon in the 1850s and discovered the “beautiful proof” that supported Darwin’s groundbreaking theories of evolution and natural selection.

The film re-creates Bates' 11 challenging years in the Amazon rain forest as he searches for clues about how and why species – butterflies in particular – change and adapt over time to avoid predators.

In the spectacular IMAX format, the lush jungle is as beautiful as the monkeys, birds, insects and one troublesome jaguar.

Variety magazine said: “While nearly all made-for-IMAX educational movies boast breathtaking visuals, this one matches its imagery with an equally memorable story.  ... Parents and teachers have reason to rejoice ...”

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