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July 12, 2017                                                                                              (203) 852-0700, ext. 2232   

NORWALK, CT – Readers of Westport Magazine, New Canaan-Darien + Rowayton Magazine and other publications of Moffly Media say the best museum on Connecticut’s “Gold Coast” is The Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk.

The Maritime Aquarium got the most reader votes in Moffly’s 13th annual “Best of the Gold Coast Awards” in the category of Entertainment/Museum.

In acknowledging the award, Moffly Media wrote:

As a coastal community, we are naturally drawn to the wonders of the water. The Maritime Aquarium in the heart of Norwalk is the top destination for anyone who has ever wondered about the life of a shark or hermit crab. There are so many ways to explore sea life at this amazing museum, from hands-on touch tanks, to dramatic aquariums for jellyfish, sea otters and all manner of fish, as well as special exhibits and demonstrations, the popular IMAX theater and even lighthouse and sunset cruises in the warmer months.

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                         CONTACT: Dave Sigworth
June 28, 2017                                                                                              (203) 852-0700, ext. 2232 

NORWALK, CT – Get close to some of the most strangely beautiful – but painfully dangerous – animals in the sea as The Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk offers a newly expanded exhibit of jellyfish.

With “Journey with Jellies,” The Maritime Aquarium now displays the most jellyfish species in the region.

Jellies – as they should be called, because they’re not fish – have been among the most popular animals in The Maritime Aquarium for more than 20 years. This bigger new space builds around the tall centerpiece display of moon jellies, and offers large new displays with such non-native species as Pacific sea nettles, flower hat jellies, Japanese sea nettles and more.

“Journey with Jellies” has traditional “window” displays of jellies, but also unique displays of jellies living in cascading globe and half-dome habitats.

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                         CONTACT: Dave Sigworth
June 28, 2017                                                                                              (203) 852-0700, ext. 2232 

NORWALK, CT – Tickets go on sale Tues., July 5 for “Dunkirk” at The Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk, the only place in Connecticut where Christopher Nolan’s World War II drama will play in the immersive 70mm IMAX® film format.

“Dunkirk” opens Thurs., July 20. Nolan reportedly shot nearly the entire movie with IMAX cameras, and the fullest way to experience “Dunkirk” is possible only at The Maritime Aquarium. The popular South Norwalk attraction has the state’s largest IMAX screen (six stories tall) and still projects with film, which movie buffs – including, apparently, Nolan – know is the brightest, sharpest and clearest format. (A frame of IMAX film has upwards of 18,000 pixels of resolution, compared to 1,920 in a home HDTV.)

“Dunkirk” will play at The Maritime Aquarium at 7 & 9:30 p.m. July 20-30. It then will show at 7 p.m. Mondays through Thursdays, and at 7 & 9:30 p.m. on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

The Maritime Aquarium’s is one of only about 30 IMAX theaters in the country that will offer “Dunkirk” in 70mm film projection. To encourage movie-goers to see the movie in those theaters, Warner Bros. is permitting the theaters to offer advance sales first. Get your tickets at the Aquarium box office or online at

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                         CONTACT: Dave Sigworth
June 13, 2017                                                                                               (203) 852-0700, ext. 2232 

NORWALK, CT – Plunge deep into the Brazilian rain forest for a giant-screen journey of discovery among glittering butterflies, surprising insects and a prowling jaguar in the new IMAX movie "Amazon Adventure," opening July 1 at The Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk.

The compelling story of 19th-century scientific breakthrough will play at 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. daily through Labor Day in Connecticut's largest IMAX Theater, with a screen that's six stories high.

"Amazon Adventure" recounts the extraordinary work of naturalist Henry Bates, who the filmmakers call "the most influential scientist you've never heard of." Beginning in 1848, Bates risked his life for science during an 11-year expedition into the Amazon rain forest, and his findings provided the "beautiful proof" for Charles Darwin's then-controversial theory of natural selection, the scientific explanation for the development of life on Earth.

Filmed in the lush Amazon region, with scenes of sloths, brilliantly colored birds and amazingly camouflaged insects and lizards, "Amazon Adventure" lets audiences join Bates as he searches for clues about how and why species – particularly butterflies – change and adapt over time.

"I saw strange creatures that hide in plain sight by looking like something completely different," Bates (played by Calum Finlay) says in the film. "A 'leaf' that flies. 'Bird droppings' that walk ... A 'flower bud,' whose nectar attracts a bee, is really a spider. So with your disguise, you get eaten less and get to eat more, a double advantage."

Bates discovered more than 8,000 species new to science. His collections demonstrated that species to adapt, thus supporting Darwin's theory and disproving the then-common belief that "species were divinely created in their current form, that they never changed, and never would."

Painstakingly researched for three years, “Amazon Adventure” enlisted the expertise of more than 100 scientists and historical advisors. The team’s commitment to authenticity not only resulted in this rigorous re-creation, even using actual instruments and tools from the 1850s, but the writing team also incorporated many of Bates’ own words, as he was a gifted storyteller.

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                         CONTACT: Dave Sigworth
June 13, 2017                                                                                               (203) 852-0700, ext. 2232 

NORWALK, CT – The new IMAX® movie “Amazon Adventure” shows how an important discovery about natural selection was made in the Amazon. You can do your selecting on Amazon – the company – to support The Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk and to discover what’s happening at the popular Connecticut family attraction.


Online shoppers who make purchases through an program called AmazonSmile now can designate The Maritime Aquarium as their favorite charitable organization. It doesn’t cost consumers anything, but the Aquarium will benefit.

Shoppers at will find the exact same low prices, vast selection and convenient shopping experience as at, with the added bonus that the AmazonSmile Foundation will donate an eligible portion of the purchase price to The Maritime Aquarium.

“It’s no different than shopping at; you’re merely starting at a different web address,” said Dave Sigworth, the Aquarium’s publicist. “Just be sure to designate The Maritime Aquarium as your charity when you first visit the page, and bookmark for all your online shopping, and we’ll receive a portion of your future eligible purchases.”

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                         CONTACT: Dave Sigworth
June 14, 2017                                                                                               (203) 852-0700, ext. 2232 

NORWALK, CT – The Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk is celebrating another national kudo as Reader’s Digest has named the popular attraction the “Best Family Travel Destination” in Connecticut.

The Maritime Aquarium is Connecticut’s entry in “The 50 Best Family Travel Destinations in Each State,” recently published on Reader’s Digest’s website. Under a photo of the sharks in the Aquarium’s “Ocean Beyond the Sound” exhibit, Reader’s Digest says:

There's something about peering through the glass into an underwater world that completely captures children's imaginations. At The Maritime Aquarium, kids can get up close and personal with marine animals at the Touch Tank, see hundreds of beautiful jellyfish at the Jellies exhibit, and learn about the unique ecology of the Long Island Sound. Be sure to hang around to watch feeding time for the noisy seals!

Others destinations on the list include Horseshoe Bend of the Grand Canyon (Arizona), Disneyland (California), Boston Public Garden (Massachusetts), the St. Louis Zoo (Missouri), Glacier National Park (Montana), the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (Ohio) and Colonial Williamsburg (Virginia).

See the article at

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                         CONTACT: Dave Sigworth
May 15, 2017                                                                                               (203) 852-0700, ext. 2232 

NORWALK, CT  –  Aquar.flamingo copy 2No bird may claim a cultural influence as big and long as the flamingo, and no place in Connecticut is featuring the big pink icons this summer except The Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk.

A small flock, or “flamboyance,” of flamingos will be standing – often, on one leg – in the aviary on the Aquarium’s riverfront courtyard from Memorial Day Weekend through Labor Day. (That’s May 27-Sept. 4.) The exhibit is free with Aquarium admission. 

“For family fun this summer, The Maritime Aquarium has more big sharks, the greatest variety of jellyfish, the only black dragon and the ‘greenest’ research vessel, while also being the most affordable aquarium in New England,” Sigworth said. “This flamingo exhibit is the pink icing on the cake.” 

Sigworth added that the flamingos exhibit will complement the new IMAX® movie, “Amazon Adventure,” opening July 1 on the Aquarium’s six-story screen.

“People love flamingos because they’re just such a big and beautiful and interesting bird,” said Dave Sigworth, the Aquarium’s publicist. “Cultures have been celebrating them for ages – literally – and now we’re offering our guests the exclusive chance.” 

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                         CONTACT: Dave Sigworth
April 27, 2017                                                                                               (203) 852-0700, ext. 2232 

NORWALK, CT  –  Sometimes, at the end of a long hard work week, you just want to go for a boat ride.

So, beginning Fri., May 5, The Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk is obliging.Aquar.TGIF cruises copy 2

The Aquarium is offering new “TGIF Cruises” each Friday at 6:30 p.m. Educators will be onboard to point out sights and wildlife, but there’s no structured program.

“These cruises are nothing more than a relaxing, 90-minute trip out to the Norwalk islands; a fun chance for families and friends to unwind during a Friday evening out on the water,” said Dave Sigworth, the Aquarium’s publicist.

Get back at 8 p.m. in time to enjoy a late dinner or an evening out just steps away in the restaurants and nightspots of SoNo.

Food and drink are not available for purchase on the boat, but you may bring food and beverages in a small bag or soft-sided cooler. Glass bottles are prohibited.

Tickets are $29.95 ($19.95 for Aquarium members). The “TGIF Cruises” are open to all, including children. But participants must be at least 42 inches tall to come aboard.

Cruises occur aboard R/V Spirit of the Sound™, a 64-foot catamaran that is the only research vessel in the country with quiet hybrid-electric propulsion. She has a climate-controlled cabin but guests should dress for weather out on deck.

Advance reservations are strongly suggested. Reserve tickets online at or call (203) 852-0700, ext. 2206.

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                         CONTACT: Dave Sigworth
Jan. 27, 2017                                                                                               (203) 852-0700, ext. 2232 

NORWALK, CT  –  Soar over the world’s tallest buildings, race in a solar-powered car and scale epic bridges – while also celebrating the inspired work behind them all – in “Dream Big: Engineering Our World,” the new IMAX movie opening Feb. 17 at The Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk.Aquar.IMAX.DreamBig.GoldenGate copy 2

This spectacular film will show at 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. daily in Connecticut’s largest IMAX Theater, featuring a screen that’s six stories tall. It’s narrated by Academy Award®-winner Jeff Bridges, and sponsored locally by Bankwell.

Produced in partnership with the American Society of Civil Engineers, “Dream Big” is the first giant-screen movie created with a STEM focus. (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.) For educators bringing their students to “Dream Big,” more than 50 hands-on engineering activities, lesson plans and videos are available online, all with a connection to a story or theme in the film.

“We know that educators are looking for new and effective ways to teach STEM, as required by state and federal standards,” said Tom Naiman, the Aquarium’s director of education. “‘Dream Big’ supports that effort in a very exciting way.”

Naiman added that “Dream Big” is not just for school groups.

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                        CONTACT: Dave Sigworth
Sept. 22, 2016                                                                                             (203) 852-0700, ext. 2232 

Aquar.preschool ribbon cutting.4webNORWALK, CT – Nearly 200 Norwalk youngsters have a unique new community preschool that offers early-childhood STEM curricula and family enrichment by utilizing the resources of The Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk and Grace Baptist Church.

Maritime Odyssey Preschool officially opened this morning with a ribbon-cutting ceremony in the Nathaniel Ely School in South Norwalk. The school is a partnership between: Odyssey Early Learning, which is the lead educational provider; The Maritime Aquarium, which provides science-education content expertise; and Grace Baptist Church, which will host workshops for families on such topics as parent education and financial literacy.

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                        CONTACT: Dave Sigworth
Sept. 21, 2016                                                                                             (203) 852-0700, ext. 2232   

NORWALK, CT – Nearly 2,000 students from 10 Fairfield County towns will explore how severe storms, erosion and other environmental hazards threaten their communities – and also how they can participate in lessening the effects – thanks to a three-year, $484,955 federal grant to The Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk.

The grant, from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) in the U.S. Department of Commerce, is the largest federal award received in The Maritime Aquarium’s 28 years. It will fund an initiative called “Sound Resilience – Get On Board!” Over the next three years, The Maritime Aquarium will use the grant to involve as many as 1,875 middle- and high-school students in Greenwich, Stamford, New Canaan, Darien, Norwalk, Westport, Wilton, Weston, Fairfield and Bridgeport. Education and research will occur in school classrooms and also aboard the Aquarium’s hybrid-electric research vessel, R/V Spirit of the Sound™.

In addition, professional-development workshops will benefit more than 150 teachers from those towns.

The Norwalk Parking Authority has teamed up with The Maritime Aquarium to add an online prepay option for Aquarium guests planning to park in the city's Maritime Garage.  Prepay your parking online and save 20 percent!

It's only available to Maritime Aquarium guests who purchase their Aquarium tickets in advance online.   Get the press release here.