"The re-energized focus on Long Island Sound's story is obvious in the colorfully redesigned main hall, which has been renamed Newman's Own Hall in celebration of a $1.2 million grant from Newman's Own Foundation."

– The Norwalk Citizen

Exhibits & Animals

Blue Crab Fun Fact

Blue crabs are good swimmers. Their specially adapted pair of back legs are "swimmerets" that help move them effectively through the water.

Your tour through the Aquarium offers this fun exploration of Long Island Sound:


Visit the Only Aquarium Dedicated to Long Island Sound: The Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk, Connecticut

The Maritime Aquarium is different from most aquariums in that we focus solely on one body of water: Long Island Sound, the “Estuary of National Significance” just outside our doors. As an arm of the Atlantic Ocean, the Sound is an environment rich in aquatic life … even within sight of heavily urbanized New York City.

The marine population includes varieties of crabs, lobsters, mollusks (like delicious and economically important oysters and clams), game fish, jellyfish, sea turtles, sharks (big and small) and – in the winter – visiting seals. Meet some of our highlighted animals here.

Your visit through the Aquarium is presented as an orientation to the Sound and then as a journey from its edge – at the shallow salt marsh – into deeper and deeper waters. Click here.